The European Union is a union of 27 countries with over half a billion inhabitants. This internal market is – as measured by the gross domestic product – the biggest common market of the whole world.

In 2006 the Internet TLD with the extension .eu was started for Europe, which can be seen as the parallel extension to the .com domain. Only companies, organisations and individuals of the European Union and European Economic Area are allowed to register their .eu domain directly.

Positive Aspects

Especially smaller and average companies can profit with an internet presence under the .eu TLD. With only one website it is easy to get access to potential customers in 28 different countries and to increase the field of activity.

Having an .eu website demonstrates that the owner can identify himself with the European Union and is open for business, is liable to .eu rights and for consumer rights and consumer protection. Qualifications of the companies can be seen as well.

The .eu domain can been seen as an equal substitution for the already registered country TLD. With currently over 3.5 million registered names in total the .eu domain can be seen as one of the most famous TLD worldwide.